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Welcome to Little You!

Serving the Mt. Greenwood community since 2007

At Little You, we love to have fun! Through a combination of play and structured therapy activities, we help children with developmental delays improve their communication, feeding, motor, regulation, and social skills. Our team of experienced speech and occupational therapists provides individual sessions, group sessions, and even co-treatment sessions to meet the unique needs of every child. Kids are our specialty, so we know how to embed learning opportunities into their favorite activities and daily routines!

Speech and occupational therapy services, all in one building.
Longer 60-minute therapy sessions to build and practice new skills.
Focus on child, family, and therapist relationships for best outcomes.
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Early Intervention

We are certified Early Intervention providers, who provide in-home therapy services for children ages birth to 3 years, through the Illinois Department of Human Services Early Intervention Program. In-home therapy allows us to support your child’s early language development where it matters most – in their daily routines and interactions with family members.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help your child participate successfully in self-care tasks, play scenarios, and school activities! Our OTs have specialized training in feeding, sensory processing, emotional regulation, handwriting, and motor skill development, so they can pinpoint your child’s challenges and help them grow.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy can support your child’s language skills, social development, and swallowing safety. With training in early language acquisition, speech sound therapy, and picture communication systems, our speech therapists know how to help your child share their unique messages with the world. 

Getting Started with Little You is Easy!


Contact us to discuss your concerns and provide your insurance information. Based on your schedule and availability, we will set an evaluation date with an experienced speech-language pathologist and/or an occupational therapist.


Participate in a comprehensive initial evaluation, including a parent interview, case history, observation, and testing. Upon review of the information learned during the evaluation, we will develop a plan of care and make recommendations.


Start therapy at a day and time that works best for your family! We will complete a progress note after each treatment session to keep track of your child’s growth and, if necessary, re-evaluate your child's skills on a yearly basis.


Once your child has met all of their goals and there are no further concerns, they will be discharged from therapy services. We will offer a list of activities and recommendations for you to help them continue to grow during all of their daily routines!

Serving Clients Where They Learn Best

At Home Early Intervention
In Our Local
Chicago Clinic
Online for All
Illinois Residents

Our welcoming therapy clinic is located on the southwest side of Chicago, close to many surrounding suburbs. We also provide in-home early intervention services for children birth to 3 years old who live within a 15-mile radius of our central clinic. Online teletherapy services are conveniently accessible to all Illinois residents with a computer and a strong internet connection. 

Billing & Insurance

Little You is currently in-network with the following medical insurance plans: 


Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO, and Aetna (pending)

We also accept out-of-network insurance plans including UnitedHealthcare and Cigna. We also accept private pay clients. 

Getting Started
Preschool children smiling in Chicago, IL

We are accepting new clients! Contact us to learn more.

Top view on child playing and building with colorful plastic bricks at white wooden table.

Pediatric Speech and Occupational Therapy Services
 Southwest Chicago, IL

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