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Pediatric Speech Therapy

At Little You, kids are our specialty!

Autism Spectrum Disorder  •  Early Language Development  •   ADHD
Speech Sounds  •  Stuttering and Fluency  •  Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Expressive and Receptive Language  •   Auditory Processing  •  Social Communication
  Augmentative and Alternative Communication  •   Feeding/Swallowing


We will begin by evaluating your child's speech, language, feeding, and social skills to determine whether a delay or disorder may be present. Our process includes:

  • A parent interview

  • Review of medical and developmental history

  • Informal assessment measures

  • Formal standardized tests

  • Recommendations for therapy

Following the evaluation, we will discuss your child's communication and feeding strengths as well as their challenges. If your child is eligible to receive services, we will work together to create a motivating therapy plan.


We put the needs of your child first! Our therapists support communication and feeding skills by using a combination of the following evidence-based therapy approaches:

  • Individual or group therapy sessions

  • Play-based and child-led approaches

  • Clinician directed activities 

  • Co-treatment sessions

  • Parent education and coaching

Caregiver involvement is key to quick and lasting growth! After each session, our therapists will take the time to discuss your child's progress, provide written handouts for your reference, and suggest activities for home practice.

Child with Down Syndrome playing with blocks in speech therapy

Signs That Your Child May Need an Evaluation

Your child may benefit from working with a speech-language pathologist if they experience any of the following:

  • Difficulty speaking clearly with the right sounds

  • Difficulty following directions or answering questions 

  • Limited verbal language when compared to peers 

  • Difficulty engaging in conversation with others 

  • Frustration about not being understood

  • Feeding and swallowing challenges

  • Stress at mealtimes

Get Started Today


Speech, language, and feeding therapy services are available at our Chicago clinic, online, or in-home for children enrolled in the Illinois Department of Human Services Early Intervention program.

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